Dr Frank H. Netter

This photo throw me back to my medical school life every time I look at it and even tho I have never met Dr. Netter but I feel like missing him a lot and it reminds me the struggles I did and the rough and tough time I went through when I was in Med school . Dr. Frank Netter was both a doctor( Surgeon) and artist who was such genius that he not only grasped the most complex medical concepts, but he could make drawings that made those concepts clear to others. Beginning in the mid 20th century, his books of illustrations — thirteen atlases and over 200 pamphlets — educated doctors and health care professionals the world over. His award-winning Atlas of Human Anatomy is today the most popular and best selling anatomy atlas in the English language and are translated to 16 different languages all over the world. He painted more than 20,000 illustrated paintings through out his life. It’s almost 30 years since he left this world but he will remain alive and forever in every Doctor and medical student’s heart. May you R.I.P legend. ❤️


When an arranged marriage becomes a forced marriage?

Marriage isn’t something that need to be defined here but today I will be trying explain the difference between arranged marriage and forced marriage.

Arrange marriage:

Arranged marriages were very common throughout the world until the 18th century but have declined in prosperous countries with social mobility and increasing individualism; nevertheless, arranged marriages are still seen in countries of South Asia, Europe and North America, among royal families, aristocrats and many religious groups. In such marriage both partners and their families presumably consent to the assistance of their parents or a third party such as a matchmaker in choosing spouse. The couple is introduced to each other and given time to meet each other in supervision of their families and given them the right to accept or reject the marriage proposal at any time.

Forced marriage:

One the other hand forced marriage which was also called blind marriage is a negotiation and decision between parents and elder members of two families. The couple is typically told to get married, without a right to consent, even if they had never met each other until the wedding day and that’s not the end they have not given right to divorce with is against their culture and tradition.

Women suffer more than the men and such marriages are main reason of domestic violence in those countries.

Bride price vs Dowry:

In some countries of Asia, Middle East, Africa Bride price is practiced which is money, property, or other form of wealth paid by the groom or his family to the family of the woman he will be married to or is just about to marry. Bride price can be compared to dowry which is paid to the groom, or used by the bride to help establish the new household.

“Neither man nor woman is perfect or complete without the other. Thus, no marriage or family, no ward or stake is likely to reach its full potential until husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, men and women work together in unity of purpose, respecting and relying upon each other’s strengths”

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An awful advice to my son

Eric was playing video games in his room when his dad came in. Instead of getting mad his dad thought I should teach him in such a way so that he can get lifelong lesson. His father grabbed a chair to sit next to him. He cleared his throat and said Look! son You need to study to have a good like ahead and have all the luxuries and comfort but If you don’t study you won’t pass your exams and if you don’t pass your exam you won’t be promoted to next grade , if you don’t get promote to next grade you won’t go be able to go to college, if you don’t go to college you won’t get into good University, if you don’t get into good University you won’t get a degree, if you don’t get a degree you won’t get a job, if you don’t get a job you won’t save money, if you don’t save money you won’t buy a car and house , if you don’t buy a car and house you won’t get a girlfriend. You won’t have all this comfort and luxurious in life if you don’t study. You need to make efforts now to enjoy your life in future.

His son took off his headphones and turned around to him and said “ Dad! What do you think I am doing right now?”

There was a moment of complete silence in the room


You don’t have to be rich to be generous but generous to be Rich

“Life is a race” is something that we have been taught about since childhood but “What is this race all about?” the more we grow old the more thickened our heart becomes. We always run after money, fame and success but have you ever questioned yourself “for what purpose you need all that?” The answer is just one word “Happiness” and we try to find sources of happiness throughout our life and for that we go through a lot of ups and downs, roughs and toughs to achieve our goals in life but the question remains unanswered that at the end of the day “Have you achieved what you wanted of life?”.

To answer the above question with big Yes you don’t have to go through all the hurdles in first place. Not all humans are born with same capabilities and Not everyone gets the same opportunities in life and that makes some people get to their goals faster than others, some might go far ahead and some will be left behind but all will reach their goals eventually. So at the end of the day It doesn’t matter how fast you run the marathon of life but how gracefully you finish it. It’s not chasing people ahead of you but looking out for people behind you. To be the helping hand and to have a helping hand. To get someone’s back and have someone get your’s and remember that “A giving hand is always better than the receiving one” so it’s better to do good to the society instead of expecting it from the society.

You don’t have to do something really amazing for the society. It could just be greeting people with smile, helping someone find the address, asking your neighbor and coworker if they ever need your help or company, helping your mom with grocery and cooking, your dad with gardening and your younger siblings with homework or following simple trafic rules. Big or small your every deed matters to the society.

“You don’t have to be rich to be generous but generous to be rich”


How to avoid unwanted pregnancy?

How many times do you think about sex every day? Can you guess that right ? Every seven seconds ? No! No way that’s a myth. Ok let me explain. Well their is no exact answer to that. It depends on you age and gender. Young people think more about sex than aged ones. Men(20 times/Day) think about sex more than women(10 times/Day). But relax that’s not just all men think about all day. Men think about food 18 times and women 15 times a day. Was that shocking ? Wait let me tell you about sleep which men think about 11 times and women 8 times a day.

Sex is a very important part of life which we can never neglected. It not only bonds us physically but also emotionally and strengthen the bond of love and trust between us. Other than that it boosts your libido and immune system, maintain blood pressure, decrease risk of heart failure, release stress, improve mental health and quality of sleep.

There are infinite benefits of sex but above all of them is the reproduction but sometimes you might not be ready for that and get unwanted pregnancy that brings me to my topic of discussion for today which is “How to avoid unwanted pregnancy” and I will tell you about contraception on basis of their success rate and explain each and every step.

Contraception: Avoidance of pregnancy year different methods other than avoid coitus or Hysterectomy.


1.Oral Hormonal COCP:

COCP are combined oral contraceptive pills which are taken from Day 1 of menstrual cycle to Day 21. Take break from Day 22-28 and take iron pills during this time as menstrual blood loss causes deficiency of iron in the body. In case of missed pill less than 24/ hours take the pill as soon as possible and use condoms for 7 days. If missed pill for more than 1 day but less than 7 days then open a new pack of pills and take them continuously without break. The failure rate for this contraceptive is 0.1-0.5%.


If your stomach get upset with oral pills then injections are also available.


It’s an implant which could be implanted on flexed aspect of forearm skin. It’s duration is 1-6 years and failure rate is 1-2%.


It’s Intra Uterine contraceptive Device inserted into the uterus. It is available in different forms. It’s Duration is 5-8 years and failure rate is less than 1 %.

5.Condoms, Cervical caps, Sponges:

condoms are the only way with can protect you from infective and sexually transmitted disease even though the failure rate is 5% but is still safe and easily available.

6.Natural methods:

Its only possible if a female have exactly 28 days menstrual cycle. Avoid sex between Day 8-18. Another method is to regularly check the temperature of a female body and when it’s raises 0.5-1.C avoid sex for next 3 days. It’s failure rate is 30%

7.Emergency Contraceptive:

This is the most important one of you know and understand this method then you can easily avoid unwanted pregnancies. Take 2 pill of COCP at time of sex and 2 after 12 hours. It only works till 72 hours.

Note: This article is for knowledge and understanding of contraceptives only. Please consult your physician for proper investigation and solution.